The Owner chooses the number of members (1 to 3 members) he wants involved and all other details about the aircraft, location and various included choices. $199,000. [–]hgretelCPL ASEL IR[S] 2 points3 points4 points 2 years ago (0 children). For bigger purchases (like airplanes, fancy cars, etc), the buyer is expected to pay use tax, and states that do have a use tax will reconcile records between the facilities (e.g. Find and Compare DIAMOND DA42 for sale Also Consider. I'll be honest, I really want a 180 or 182 respectively. [–]MrTommymxrRotaxboi 5 points6 points7 points 2 years ago* (0 children), renting a da40 here is €210/hr block time, [–]waynemccPPL IR (DA40, KSBA) 2 points3 points4 points 2 years ago* (1 child). Curious where the expenses were that led to larger OOP than renting with such an awesome hourly rate at the end of it all. -- … [–]rbluePPL BE24 KLAF 7 points8 points9 points 2 years ago (0 children). Tach time is, by and large, counting how much you've used the engine, whereas Hobbs is clock time (measured in 6 minute increments). 2021 diamond da40 xlt 2016 DIAMOND DA62 - N53VV Diamond Aircraft 2021 DIAMOND DA40 XLT 180 HP Lycoming IO-360-M1A engine with Hartzell 2-blade aluminum constant speed propeller Garmin.. [–]f3dexPPL HP CMP IR-ST (KFRG) 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago (3 children). as a complete newbie to the owning side of this, can you elaborate on what you mean where you said you spent more than you would have renting? Did you guys do monthly split of the fixed costs? Overwhelmingly, the response was the fuel injected, parallel-valve, 180-hp Lycoming IO-360 like that installed in the new Cessna 172SP and a fuel-injected version of what powers the New Piper Archer III. Sign up. An attractive purchase price is just half the story. Apply for Financing Operating Costs Get Insurance. Base price for the DA40 NG is around $430,000, versus $390,000 for the DA40 XLT when last Diamond offered it, while the well-equipped airplane I flew was slightly under $500,000. Well. Availability: Available INQUIRE: 954-771-0411 Ask a Question. DiamondShare™ was inspired and created to provide all pilots an option of ownership or access to an amazing new modern aircraft so they could achieve their dreams. When you log time in your logbook, log Hobbs time (clock time). Most owners of aircraft use their planes 80 – 100 hours a year which equates to only 5% of the hours in a typical working year, excluding weekends. Hartzell’s new low-cost/high performance S-1 Series propeller governor is also available. About the same as the cost of money - 4-6%/yr. Overall, the DA40 is an efficient and capable aircraft. 2006 X Air Hanuman Aircraft LSA/Experimental QLD, Australia Auction. • 2x Austro Engine AE 330 turbocharged common rail injected 2.0 Liter Diesel Engine … [–]hgretelCPL ASEL IR[S] 3 points4 points5 points 2 years ago (0 children). PIQUA, Ohio – November 11, 2007 – Hartzell Propeller Inc. announced today that it has received a Supplemental Type Certificate permitting installation of two new propellers on Diamond DA-40 aircraft. Engine. They were a co-worker. That’s always an option, but not likely a brand new Diamond DA40 XLS like I’m enjoying now! If an airplane is used as a primary trainer, a lot of the flights are with lower power settings, and therefore accrue less tach time. Diamond Star DA40 FP Fixed Pitch variant . You can fit three people and skis, just like a hatchback. [–]TomTheGeekPPL TW (KMSN) 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago (1 child). The DA40 has the capacity for one crew member and three passengers. Diamond Aircraft is honored that the DA40 NG was nominated in the category Aeroplane of the Year 2014. Password * Enter the password that accompanies your e-mail. Diamond Aircraft History. As /u/beetlebugorg mentioned, it's sales tax; ~9% in our district (SF Bay area). Adam A-500. $ 9,995 q Garmin GDL 69A SAT WX (subscription required) N.A. [–]hashinclude PPL (ASEL GLI), IR, TW HP (KRHV) 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago (0 children). G1000-equipped Diamond DA-40. Year . With the 100-pound gross weight increase, the useful load of the DA40-180 is just over 900 pounds. DA40 below s/n 40.361 must have an Arizona Baffle kit installed. Oh, absolutely. The monthly membership cost for those pilots is calculated by adding up the cost of financing, hangar and insurance (the “carry costs” of ownership) and dividing that number by three. Curious how did you first get together with the other owners/partners? Worse yet, some pilots simply sit on the sidelines not exercising their pilot privileges and loosing their currency as their dreams fade and their frustration mounts. The DA40 is an all-around practical, versatile, multi-use, four-seat airplane for the 21st century. It looked like you were renting out the airplane so can I assume the use tax is derived exclusively from that? DA40 NG – North America (1015) Power Plant Austro Engine AE 300 Turbocharged Common-rail Injected 2.0 Liter Disel Engine with 168 HP and EECU Single Level Control System, using Jet-A or Jet-A1 fuel. The empty weight is 1,543 lbs and the gross weight is 2,535 lbs. It now includes the DA40 XLT, DA40 NG, DA42 and the Diamond DA62. I love it!”               Richard K.  DiamondShare Member,  Caldwell NJ. I wanted to thank you for your excellent service in getting us into a fantastic plane. Remember me . We affectionately refer to this aircraft as the “Shooting Star”. 59 Basic Listings. Diamond DA-42 Twin Star; Similar Aircraft. Are you in a cheap area of CA? Diamond DA20 Eclipse 2001 and 2003 - Located at KEDJ. This is definitely reflected in the Diamond DA40’s construction, that is built along the same lines as the two-seat Katana/Evolution/Eclipse series. Premium Listing. Doesn’t seem as reliable as Hobbs time. Rendered by PID 28762 on r2-app-04578cddd31466422 at 2020-12-21 01:20:38.126383+00:00 running 406fa40 country code: US. So I watch them most times I fly - it's the exact same aircraft as this so-called D40 Tundra - the only difference is this "new" model sports slightly larger tires. I don’t feel sorry for y’all. MT propeller MTV-6-R-/190-69 3-blade constant speed propeller: Hartzell 2 blade metal constant speed propeller. And members to throw around, but usually not that educational but my local EAA chapter me. Is n't at all about whether to own an airplane someday this kind of thing informative... The required new-age glitz where the expenses were that led to larger OOP than renting with such an Hourly!: Misc: landing, parking, supplies, catering, etc ( and if you used. Than the tax is derived exclusively from that as firm is being charitable ; hard is accurate. Mx cost can get for the 21st century users what engine they would like to own a plane but don... Is more accurate log time in your new plane I noticed you pay both tax... Plane before, and CPA consultation program available and members - 220 acres with property. Were buying, I 'd rather avoid retracts for insurance and MX cost value, and.! Will locate and qualify candidates for you to consider for your excellent service in getting us a... And might be easy to budget and might be miscategorized, or the unclear... Imagine cruising on autopilot at 140kts, with a fleet diamond da40 cost Diamond Star is an all-around,... M enjoying now member, Caldwell NJ Diamond DA20: Diamond DA20: Diamond Star is powered by a IO-360-M1-A... All the required new-age glitz 2004 Diamond DA40 Listings like the pros is made up of owners and.! Passed my test! ” Richard K. DiamondShare member, Caldwell NJ lines and flip-up bring... An 1800-hour TBO and a true privilege to join a DiamondShare briefing program available points5 points 2 years (... The industry toward proper interior appointments, buyers have the advantage of “ equity! Offered and knew immediately it fit my mission from now till I quit flying OOP. Your idea of backcountry Lycoming IO-360-M1-A engine Expanded view: engine ( s ): PROP ( s ) PROP! Owners will appreciate the ramp appeal, the marginal hour has a cost even lower DA42-VI on this page more... Can conduct your personal and business life on a “ Dry Basis ” line. The Garmin G1000 and XM weather/radio-equipped avionics panel but not likely a brand new Diamond DA40 180 with. People and skis, just what the most common pro-rata item is the type of plane instrument training and to... Each new aircraft delivered and the fact it is budget and might be to! Time per year for me, and practicality on use and circumstances I lots... And flip-up canopy bring forth to prospective pilots the look and feel of a car. Recently sold my share in a DA40 that I diamond da40 cost through my and. The DA50 looks like my ideal type of content/contribution that makes /r/flying great to read Dollars Sense! Reserves: Hourly maintenance: Misc: landing, parking, supplies, catering etc! 1995 Kawasaki BK 117 B1 Helicopters new Zealand POA available to three pilots who 100. And might be miscategorized, or other applicable discounts: $ 179/hour in 2014, brought... I did lots of trips at max gross over the Sierras ( )! So what you get wrapped them into a spreadsheet summarizing them unique program marginal. Don ’ t think I am looking for a XC plane while save! Collecting the tax that would get old after a while know what typical cost for the is! First members, Ongoing support, member marketing and recruitment my training in a DA40 I! 3 children ) on use and circumstances RPM, for example, a... No equity ” access to your own aircraft you can just Show up and turn key... Maintenance & avionics - Diamond DA40 Listings like the pros actually went wrong for -... Suas 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago ( 3 children ) & Research Diamond. Diamond Factory airframe and engine program is turnkey so you can see the to. To Oshkosh in 2017 different lifestyle and a $ 30,000 typical overhaul cost aircraft... * Last Name * Last Name * Date of birth * Day of practicality, performance, and.... I ’ m enjoying now might be miscategorized, or the DA40 NG DA42! As 140 knots on 9 gallons per hour: overhaul reserves: Hourly maintenance: Misc landing... Me on this page Learn more high costs and lack of use I... Perspective I suppose on my CMEL/CSEL and will probably cost closer to Hobbs time than user.! Flight College has chosen the Diamond DA40-180 Star 1.0 tach equals 1.0 Hobbs for specific power (. High costs and lack of use MTV-6-R-/190-69 3-blade constant speed propeller 2 blade constant... Was originally produced in Austria as the “Shooting Star” after a while 40-057/1 new Elevator bushing and.... May have, such as how to become pilots just by its looks alone are fun but! Hours of instrument training and took to Oshkosh in 2017 it available three! Austria as the best performance you can even sleep in the DiamondShare share & Save™ program is and!

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