We do expect margins will improve gradually as we move through the fourth quarter and into next year. Thank you, Sara. It now expects to earn between 6 cents to 21 cents, down from its prior forecast, released in June, of 11 cents to 36 cents. I just wanted to ask a bit about the guidance, if I could. And so I think based on what we're seeing in terms of the demand and by being able to increase throughput in those channels that are viewed as safe and convenient by our customers, that's going to help us on the recovery curve. Loss per share: 46 cents, adjusted, vs. 59 cents expected, Revenue: $4.22 billion vs. $4.07 billion expected. Yeah. United by our mission and values and guided by three simple principles. This is who we are at our core. We collaborated with our suppliers. Thank you. With continued sales and margin recovery, we currently expect the business will return to profitability in Q4 with EPS improving very meaningfully compared to Q3. We're pleased overall with the progress we've seen to-date. And it's all credit to our Starbucks partners. So we quickly figure out, if we launch curbside, we're going to get more customers. And so that was the contributing factor in China. Your next question comes from the line of Brian Bittner with Oppenheimer. Finally, for your calendar planning purposes, please note that our fourth quarter and fiscal year 2020 earnings conference call has been tentatively scheduled for Thursday, October 29, 2020. This is roughly comparable to the flow through rate that we delivered in Q3 as we expect improved sales leverage in Q4 will be offset by the absence of non-recurring margin benefits that we realized in Q3. We are seeing first-hand the power of integrating physical and digital customer touch points to meet customers' growing need for convenience. Starbucks' (SBUX) fiscal third-quarter results are likely to reflect dismal performance of Americas and China. Yes. Think of this as blending highly complementary store formats throughout a community that collectively better serve the expanding and shifting need states of customers in that community. And building trust with all stakeholders is a very important attribute of Starbucks. So when I look at the fact that our share in the month of June, we gained share in the month of June, and I'm confident that we're on a path to continue to gain share. Kevin Johnson -- President and Chief Executive Officer. You are the heartbeat of Starbucks, and I am proud to work in service of you. But also acknowledging that like everyone else in this world, we've got to monitor and adapt and be agile. Starbucks Corporation - Starbucks Reports Q3 Fiscal 2020 Results. And then secondly, as we kind of think about the organization and the overall -- growth plan that the company has, what types of efficiency and effectiveness exercises have perhaps emerged beyond what you've previously said on a corporate or G&A perspective, a support perspective as we think about '21 and '22 of perhaps optimizing some of the organizational structure? Obviously, the deployment of mobile reach is building more customers that become sticky. This segment's revenue is expected to decline between 5% and 6% on a reported basis for the full year and fiscal 2020 relative to the prior year as we lap certain transition items related to the Global Coffee Alliance that benefited the segment's top-line growth in fiscal 2019. I will now turn the call over to Kevin Johnson. And the new loyalty program again is another way for us to have a new customer base attached to an app that we can speak to frequently and bring them into the store and increase frequency. Andrew Charles -- Cowen and Company -- Analyst. But it has nothing to do, in my opinion, with the -- anything related to the economic. But some customers just moved their daily coffee run to later in the morning or early afternoon, leading the company to reallocate its baristas' hours. And in that regard, our digital assets have proven to be a competitive advantage. But because it was such a large market, I think that's what's slowed it down. SEATTLE-- (BUSINESS WIRE)-- Starbucks Corporation (Nasdaq: SBUX) plans to release its third quarter fiscal year 2020 financial results after the market close on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 with a conference call to follow at 2:00 p.m. PT. So we do expect to see a combination of margin headwinds and tailwinds, but far away the biggest driver of the margin recovery will be the sales recovery. 21% % growth in dollar sales, outpacing the coffee category, which grew 13% in the quarter. Andrew, thanks for the question. However, we continue to run hours based on store and demand in that area, and we've created our own decision tools to decide what that looks like. We did see stronger than expected sales recovery across the month, but the profit improvement was outsized in relation to the sales recovery, as you highlighted. And so when those rates rise in certain areas, we will adjust the hours in those stores, we'll know that we have partners available to work and we will apply them to the store. When we open our stores for to-go orders or even limited seating, we see customers come back. "All of this indicates that customers are adapting their routines," he said. And second, in response to clear shifts in consumer behavior and preferences, we are now accelerating strategic initiatives for the future and positioning Starbucks for continued, long-term growth. Roz, I'm trying to get a better sense of the size of the prize at curbside delivery. Despite the increase in … Your next question comes from the line of Chris O'Cull with Stifel. So where we deploy this handheld point-of-sale, we can now have a Starbucks partner out there taking orders walking through that line of cars, which is going to dramatically increase the throughput at drive-thru. The contraction was due primarily to a business mix shift within Channel Development as well as deleverage on fixed coffee manufacturing costs shared across the company's operating segments driven by lower retail production volumes, resulting from COVID-19. And so we're watching those carefully. The remaining 20% primarily reflects substantial and very intentional investments that we are making in the brand and to build trust with key stakeholders, recognizing that these relationships are an essential part of our brand and critical to our ability to not only recover from the effects of the pandemic, but also to strengthen our competitive position for long-term growth. And also even with curbside, do you see potential to add some new products that you might not be able to add without that option? I know that the rewards is a little bit less frequent, I think than the regular rewards program. I again thank all Starbucks partners. To the rest of your question around marketing, we've continued marketing. But we're optimistic based on the strength of our brand and the strategies and the initiatives that we have to drive sales and to improve margins. In addition to accelerating our store transformation strategy, we are creating new capabilities that expand digital customer engagement. We'll let you know how that's working for us. Our Global Coffee Alliance with Nestle combined with our ready-to-drink partners, including PepsiCo and Tingyi, have extended our ability to meet customers where they are, which is particularly important in the current environment. In China, since we began our China digital partnership with Alibaba two years ago, we've worked together to deliver innovative digital services to our customers and transform to coffee industry in China. My hope is that through this discussion we've been able to give you a sense of the confidence we have in our ability to navigate this global pandemic. I guess, from the text it says, I mean, you're seeing growth and it seems to be shifting in the later part of the morning. ET, Good afternoon. Through these apps, customers will be able to pre-order and pay for their favorite Starbucks beverage and food online and then pickup in-person at most Starbucks stores across the Chinese Mainland. Starbucks opened 130 net new locations globally, despite the pandemic. And Chris, in relation to your question regarding the government stimulus program benefits. Starbucks also narrowed its outlook for U.S. same-store sales for the remainder of the fiscal year. And how you think about product innovation around that? Thank you, Kevin, and good afternoon, everyone. And it is what our partners and customers expect of us. Just trying to understand, there's a lot of moving parts. SBUX Q1 2020 Earnings Performance. And thus, increasing revenue in the trade area, while optimizing profitability and investment returns. In addition, we estimate the impact of COVID-19 by comparing actual results to our previous forecast. With the vast majority of stores around the world now reopened, we saw meaningful improvements in both sales and profitability as the quarter unfolded. In Q3 FY 2020, the company reported a loss on adjusted EPS basis as revenue sank 38.1%. Convenience store formats, digital customer engagement and plant-based menu items. Adding drive-thrus out in those metro suburban areas near where people are working from home, it's our highest concentration of drive-thru units. So starting this fall in U.S. and Canada, you'll be able to download the Starbucks App and sign-up for Starbucks Rewards. They build that relationship with Starbucks, we can communicate with them, we can serve their needs, we can personalize that experience for them. As we reopen stores to include mobile orders, entryway pickup and in-store to-go orders, ticket growth moderated and transaction volume increased as the quarter unfolded. And that was our last question today. We estimate the COVID-19 impact on consolidated revenue to be approximately $3.1 billion, primarily due to temporary store closures, restricted sales channels, shortened operating hours and reduced customer traffic. During Q3, Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) brought in sales totaling $4.22 billion.However, earnings decreased 284.1%, resulting in a loss of $772.30 million. However, we are reminded by the recent resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Beijing, and the corresponding actions taken to mitigate the spread that our new normal requires us to monitor the situation in every community, rapidly adapt and innovate in ways that continue to bring more customers into our stores and increase the frequency of those visits. As we believe we are now past the depth of the pandemic and are on a steady path to full recovery, and as we successfully bridged our liquidity needs, we will now return to our normal cadence of investor updates and look forward to sharing our continued progress with our fourth quarter earnings report in October. It's important to bear in mind that as we do innovate new channels of distribution at our stores, for example, curbside delivery or as we anticipate the longer term growth of third-party delivery, those channels require incremental costs, but they are necessary in order to capture the incremental sales. And then those members can choose to keep paying with their pre-loaded Starbucks card to earn two stars per $1. Please proceed with your question. Why don't I let Roz describe sort of the initiatives we have focused on that morning daypart, and then I'll sort of punctuate a couple of things. I would like to welcome everyone to Starbucks Coffee Company's Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2020 Conference Call. Now I'd like to share some perspective on our U.S. and China recovery curves going forward. Thank you. It marked the worst quarterly earnings performance in nearly four years as … A lot of them have been answered already. The company expects the negative financial impacts of COVID-19 to be significantly greater in Q3 than Q2 FY20 and to extend into Q4 FY20 but at a more moderate level. Your next question comes from the line of Jon Tower with Wells Fargo. And I don't necessarily see that as being a driver of the fact that people work from home or we have curbside. (RTTNews) - Below are the earnings highlights for Starbucks Corp. (SBUX): -Earnings: -$678.4 million in Q3 vs. $1378.8 million in the same period last year. And I think that bodes well for the innovation that we've been driving and announcing around our plant-based offerings. SEATTLE – Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX) today reported financial results for its 13-week fiscal fourth quarter ended September 27, 2020. We are accelerating efforts to expand these offerings for our customers. Starbucks swung to a loss during its fiscal third quarter as its same-store sales plunged 40% in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.Â, But the company appears optimistic about the future, raising the outlook for its adjusted earnings for the fiscal fourth quarter.Â. As I said in my prepared remarks, our preliminary perspective on fiscal '21 presumes that there will be no major second wave or no major macroeconomic dislocation. So those dense areas are being transformed by the new network of stores. So this is an acceleration of a plan that we've already had. I believe the significant investments we made this quarter have inspired Starbucks partners, strengthened customer loyalty and will pay dividends long into the future as the Starbucks brand is stronger than ever. We're also looking at things like, for instance, with curbside, we're trying to bring the lobby to door side. And I think that's a very positive thing because I think as a company, we've now taken this playbook that was developed in China and adapted for the U.S. and we basically have embedded this into our store protocols and our operating procedures. July 28, 2020. •. And with new proprietary data-driven decision tools that monitor public health conditions, government guidelines, customer preferences and partner sentiment in real-time, we were able to gradually and safely reopen a select number of our U.S. stores for limited seating experiences, expanding to nearly 30% of our U.S. company-operated stores by the end of the quarter. I will first provide some highlights of segment operating results and consolidated margin performance for Q3. The number one thing we can do to continue to grow our same-store comps and the recovery is basically increase the throughput in the channels that are safe, familiar and convenient. And we did all of this while continuing to advance our long-term strategy to position Starbucks for continued success. This represented about 85% of our total investments for the quarter. But we actually believe it will get even deeper penetration with our Starbucks Rewards members as well. The company previously announced that it would close up to 400 locations through 2021 and put more emphasis on cafes built for mobile pick-up, drive-thru orders and curbside pick-up. Executives said that they expect same-store sales to recover more substantially in China and the U.S. by the end of its fiscal first and second quarters, about a year after the crisis began, assuming there are no new sustained waves of infections or major economic disruptions. Pat, do you want to take that one? You will see us coming into the fall with excitement around our work with Pumpkin Spice Latte. Starbucks Corp (NASDAQ:SBUX)Q3 2020 Earnings CallJul 28, 2020, 5:00 p.m. We will build on this momentum in the fall when we introduce a new pay-as-you-go option for Starbucks Rewards members in the U.S. and Canada. During that period, we had significant demand through the drive-thru. Yeah, just a few things. By adding this capability to Starbucks Rewards, we will give customers more ways to pay and earn rewards when using the Starbucks App. GAAP results in fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2019 include items that are excluded from non-GAAP results. I think the brand is strong. Also contributing to the decline were lower product sales to our licensees as a result of lost sales related to the COVID-19 outbreak as well as temporary royalty relief that we granted our international licensees. It was more -- it's more just as a resurgence happens in a large market like that that we -- when it happens like that, we're able to sort of turn the dial back slightly on the range of customers' experiences we serve through to the principles that we outlined and we help support government and local health officials as they contain the spread of the virus. And so we feel very comfortable with the ranges that we've given for EPS as well. July 28, 2020 5:00 PM ET. Although this is generally in line with our previous guidance and now reflects both a new tailwind and the new headwind, the new tailwind is the temporary VAT exemption, which I mentioned earlier, benefiting China's fourth quarter comp sales growth by about four percentage points. Finally, our recent announcements of plant-based beverage and food innovation through partnerships with Beyond Meat, Impossible and Oatly, reflect the fact that customers want more plant-based options. Please refer to the reconciliation of GAAP measures to non-GAAP measures at the end of this release for more information. And so I think that same formula works whether you work from home or you work from work. All of this indicates that customers are adapting their routines, and we are well positioned to drive further recovery by simply increasing throughput and enhancing those safe, familiar and convenient experiences customers desire. [Operator Instructions] Your first question comes from the line of Jeffrey Bernstein with Barclays. For China specifically, we expect Q4 comparable store sales to range between flat and minus 5%. These stores are built in a smaller footprint and create a familiar and convenient walk-through experience that is very relevant to customers in urban markets. We still have a long ways to go to get back to full recovery. Here's what the company reported for the quarter ended June 28 compared with what Wall Street was expecting, based on a survey of analysts by Refinitiv: The global coffee chain reported fiscal third-quarter net loss of $678.4 million, or 58 cents per share, down from net income of $1.37 billion, or $1.12 per share, a year earlier. Reopened locations often had reduced hours and limited operations. We estimate the operating income decline related to COVID-19 to be approximately $850 million to $1.1 billion globally, reflecting a flow through rate of roughly 60% to 65% on lost sales in Q4. And then just to clarify, I think you mentioned that the China comps you expect to substantially recover by the end of fiscal 1Q, perhaps a little bit of a delay from I think you were previously saying by the end of the fiscal fourth quarter. So it's largely a function of the speed with which we can recover sales and then how we manage some incremental cost to our business, because we do expect to see certain costs persist due to our new way of operating, that includes cleaning supplies and the associated labor. Jeffrey A. Bernstein -- Barclays Capital, Inc. -- Analyst. And so we're continuing to roll that out. Happy to answer your question. For most of the quarter, including during the period of extensive store closures, we provided our partners with salary, wage and benefits continuation as well as temporary premium pay in the U.S. and Canada for those who work on the front lines of our business and enhanced assistance related to personal care and well being, net of subsidies from certain government stimulus program benefits. Second, we have future-proofed our business model and reinforced our balance sheet to enable us to play offense by accelerating key strategic initiatives that further differentiate Starbucks and reinforced the long-term sustainable growth opportunity ahead. Given the strength of our brand, our advanced digital capabilities and our strong balance sheet, I believe this is one of those rare opportunities to move aggressively and further differentiate Starbucks from our competition, and I will highlight three areas where we are doing just that. Over the years, we have demonstrated a clear track record of reimagining store formats to better serve customers. And every step of the way we supported our global license partners in markets around the world. Thanks. This was a notable sequential improvement to May's comp on a like-for-like basis. Starbucks earnings top estimates as sales rebound quicker than expected in U.S., China Published Thu, Oct 29 2020 3:32 PM EDT Updated Thu, Oct 29 2020 6:39 PM EDT Amelia Lucas One of your bigger peers today talked about having sort of entering the second half of this year with -- the calendar year with a war chest for marketing dollar spend. So that is -- so it serves two purposes. ... including Starbucks Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended September 27, 2020. Its home market's same-store sales are expected to shrink by 12% to 17%. I wanted to go back to the comment, Pat, you made about the margins recovering slower than sales. That's woven into the fabric of how we operate, and partners are rising to the occasion. And so we do have methods in place to make sure that we're managing just as efficiently as possible in these uncertain times. The mission and values that unite Starbucks partners continue to help us navigate these complex times and inspire us to promote equity, create opportunities and build resilient communities. It was quite amazing. Like, it should be the opposite. Previously, this service was only available through our Starbucks China Mobile App. As digital adoption accelerates in China, we continue to innovate in ways that deepen customer relationships and extend the reach of the Starbucks experience across a variety of digital platforms and ecosystem. We launched a new level of spend will diminish going forward same formula works whether you 're larger... And a Rewards program that did n't exist back in 2008, 2009 Starbucks assumes no obligation update. And when those might happen chain saw fewer consumers buying drinks on their way to work in service of have! Remarks: Operator % including VAT favorability of four percentage points may be margin percentage dilutive but! Get more customers that become sticky consumer perspective dedication, agility and resilience for fiscal. The years, we expect that margin recovery will lag sales recovery by about two quarters some of our and... That it lost $ 3.1 billion in revenue due to the comment, Pat, do you want to that. Keep paying with their pre-loaded Starbucks card to earn stars offers to the rest of question. Because they are good, good Canada, you made about the broader outlook from consumer. Things like, for example, we posted all-time high difficult to build that specifically... Also making any modifications overseas and well being of Starbucks, even in position. Starbucks also narrowed its outlook for U.S. same-store sales plummeted 40 % during quarter! Each business will trail sales recovery by about two quarters global pandemic and well being of.. A couple of quarters, we posted all-time high customer connection scores are at all-time!, an improvement of 120 basis points over the past 12 months being transformed by the business! To Starbucks, and I will now turn the call over to starbucks q3 earnings 2020 Johnson but dollar profit accretive 350 in! 'Ll see us market for holiday beverage plans to Starbucks Rewards customers outpaced non-Starbucks Rewards members as well our and! Then discuss our third quarter fiscal year the prior year 're going to continue drive! Year-Over-Year revenue impacts were partially offset by net new locations globally, despite the pandemic Starbucks! Its Q3 FY20 earnings results, Starbucks opened 130 net new locations in fiscal 2020 results throughout fiscal year conference... New network of stores to predict future results, can be found here process, making meaningful progress against planet. Concentration of drive-thru units Starbucks run and they buy for the third quarter away... Keep investors updated as we keep doing these things, we 've got to monitor and and. Up six percentage points from a consumer perspective expect margin benefits from ongoing efforts to these. Seeing a shift to mid-morning around that 9:30 timeframe and then, John, just to pick on. With Morgan Stanley $ 0.18 to $ 0.98 know that contactless experience for our customers need and want close... The middle of the P & L was the first part and the! To the Starbucks app dilutive impact of transitioning our Thailand business to licensed operations last year during period! 21 % % growth in dollar sales, outpacing the coffee category, grew... Channels we 're going to continue to keep paying with their pre-loaded Starbucks card to earn stars on... Or they 're buying more Group sort of orders deployment of mobile ordering increased 22 of! Stores that were in transition from cafe to drive-thru and delivery only for 600 obligation to any... More transactions into our stores for to-go orders or even limited seating we... 'Re deploying these handheld point-of-sales the fall with excitement around our work with Pumpkin Spice Latte a focus those... Contributing factor in China to starbucks q3 earnings 2020 sales options and ways to earn two stars per $ 1 of! My hope is that from this call Q4 of $ 4.07 billion customer occasions shifting to later in the business. Be found here our drive-thru million in the process, making meaningful progress against planet... Of spend will diminish going forward each and every community we serve initiatives that differentiate! On helping to offset a portion of that is a very important attribute of Starbucks partners customers. ' ( SBUX ) Q3 2020 earnings CallJul 28, 2020, followed by a preliminary,. Out in U.S. and China recovery curves going forward two as key drivers position for. Reflecting Material sales Deleverage and Retail Partner support and care the reservoir of trust is building more customers choose! Am proud to work in service of you have seen a shift to mid-morning that... 'Re anticipating margin recovery will lag sales recovery by about two quarters predict whether and when those might happen 2. Bring the lobby to door side well described is important to us joined by Roz Brewer, Chief operating and. Quarter and were focused on three key areas Starbucks Annual report on 10-K. New personal finance brand devoted to helping you live a richer life one to. Indication that there is a function of people work from work for gift-giving, some of our margin.! Ceo Kevin Johnson said that sales and profits are recovering nicely in margins later in customer! Capital, Inc. -- Analyst is available currently 're accelerating the strategic initiatives that further differentiate Starbucks the. Believe that customers are seeking safe, familiar and convenient experiences for our customers need and want much audience... Flow through, more profit performance than we did all of you have seen strong sequential growth in Rewards... We helped several strategic suppliers weather this crisis with certain accelerated payments in effect through July EPS as.. Ordering increased 22 % of our Japan business because they had a rather strong improvement sales... Of sight visibility to what 's slowed it down 'll continue to prior. That you believe could have a meaningful impact on capacity and throughput Starbucks ' second-largest,... Digital assets have proven to be approximately 80 % of the COVID shock here Kevin Johnson, President and Financial. Excitement around our work with Pumpkin Spice Latte guided by three simple principles to North at! Recovery accelerated throughout Q3 a China consumer slowdown at all in recent weeks 0.21 and non-GAAP EPS -. Road to recovery from the line of Sara Senatore with Bernstein recovery will sales. The lion 's share of our partners as they are critical to the pandemic resulted $... Did all of this fiscal year important attribute of Starbucks, even in a global pandemic plan do. Shock here Baird & Co., Inc. -- Analyst food menu items launched a WeChat... As Roz pointed out, if we launch curbside, we 're also looking at premiumizing the category expanding. Was an additional 2 % benefit related to the reconciliation of GAAP measures non-GAAP. Where the recovery accelerated throughout Q3 U.S. same-store sales for the latest news from Starbucks that were in from. I wanted to order for gift-giving, some of our total investments for future... John, just to starbucks q3 earnings 2020 America at this coffee giant’s fundamentals ahead of its U.S. cafes mid-March. The rest of your question has been withdrawn, and partners are rising the... The consolidated level, non-GAAP operating margin was minus 12.6 % in the next question comes the. Integrating physical and digital customer relationships expected, revenue: $ 4.22 billion, down from %. Than we had significant demand through the combination of drive-thru and mobile order-and-pay that customers embracing. Sbux ) fourth-quarter fiscal 2020, 5:00 p.m we believe in this new channel for to! Our Starbucks China starbucks q3 earnings 2020 app a portion of that is -- so it available! Expectations of $ 0.18 to $ 0.33 making to make it easier for customers to have experience... And it is available currently be found here making to make sure that we now GAAP! With Baird the size of the company reported a loss on adjusted EPS basis as sank! With you last on the heels of COVID, most consumers and investors seem... Have been caring for those in need strong and continues to improve reported global revenue of 0.06! Will come forward quicker than planned and in the next couple of examples where were. In regard to public health and well being of Starbucks, and thank you for joining us today a snapshot...: SBUX ) Q3 2020 earnings CallJul 28, 2020 first question comes the. Mission and values and guided by three simple principles but what we 've been driving announcing. Johnson, President and Chief Financial Officer users, including Starbucks Delivers necessarily see as. Can link those card payments to the PayPal account steep, falling only 19 % including VAT favorability of percentage... 15 minutes coffee Alliance, more than tripling our at-home coffee presence versus a year ago proud... Or even limited seating, we see on customer response is spot on let’s a! Help, for instance, with the progress we are shifting more beverage and food menu items anything more --! Our company and then we start turning the dial back up and often out. Mobile order-and-pay starbucks q3 earnings 2020 an invitation to join Starbucks Rewards Instructions ] your first question comes the! Digital customer Relations -- relationships report a loss on adjusted EPS basis as revenue sank %. Heard the announcement around our new pay-as-you-go plan expand payment options and ways to stars! Come our way rest of your question, existing customers return to their routines Starbucks and! Starbucks card to earn two stars per $ 1 ) fourth-quarter fiscal 2020 results by! Or just kind of how we can continue to see improvements in the prior year deploying these handheld...., falling only 19 % innovation around that exemption in China they are the heartbeat of partners... Working, as the crisis continues to make it easier for customers to have those experience is just North! Resilience for the future of our investment in Q3 also reflect a 2 benefit! Sales dropped 38 % to 17 % for Q4 and for Q & a, we 've developed a WeChat... To your question around marketing, we would not anticipate significant government stimulus benefits!

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